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SCRUM Master (Bucharest, Romania)

Updated: May 2

Locations: Bucharest, Romania - Hybrid/Remote

Type: Fulltime Employee (No freelancer/PFA)

Client: Logistics Group

Visa sponsorship: Not available. Please apply only if you are legally eligible to work in Romania.


IdealStaffs Consulting is looking for a SCRUM Master to join our client's growing team.

Our client is one of the largest logistics groups in the country. The group has warehouses in Romania, Serbia and Hungary, automotive industry (in Romania and in Germany), and now they want to expand the ecommerce segment as well. They are also a technology company, because they build their own ecommerce platform and all the software that they needed.


  • Experience as a Scrum Master in an Agile environment.

  • Knowledge of the agile mindset, processes, methods and frameworks (e.g. Scrum, Kanban).

  • Background in computer science, (business) psychology, cultural studies or economics.

  • Previous experience working with OKRs is a plus.


  • Foster and help maintaining a positive mindset and team spirit.

  • Help the team tailor and adapt the agile processes and concepts, facilitate the adherence to them and ensure the compliance.

  • Facilitate the individual team members and team development; help your colleagues discover their strengths and competencies and minimize or alleviate their weaknesses.

  • Support a continuous learning mindset inside the agile team and outside it. Help your colleagues understand and apply the agile methods and their benefits (and its drawbacks).

  • Suggest and facilitate the adoption of (new) tools to track and improve team health and efficiency.

  • Remove obstacles, provide a path to answers, suggest solutions and be a shield for the team so it can focus on developing outstanding software aligned with the company’s objectives.

  • Ensure that user stories meet the previously defined acceptance and quality criteria


  • Be a professional in Scrum/Agile and support your colleagues, be them developers, product owners or other stakeholders

  • Be a role model in terms of self-organization and personal responsibility and facilitate the communication within the Scrum/Kanban team, with empathy and patience

  • Coach the development team, conduct and facilitate scrum ceremonies

  • Support product owners in defining or refining requirements

  • Support the developers in eliminating conflicts and misunderstandings and proactively helping to find solutions

  • Think outside the box, help finding creative and pragmatic solutions, even if they are not the golden standard


  • Be in a company where you can make a difference: you’ll have the freedom to innovate and quickly adopt new ideas.

  • You can work in a flexible office//remote arrangement in our offices located in Bucharest’s Old City Center. We encourage a free and healthy office culture.

  • A bespoke career development plan, which includes continuous personal development through courses.

  • Other goodies like 23 vacation days, meal tickets, top notch health subscription, bi-monthly office get-togethers, monthly team sponsored lunches, short Fridays & more.

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