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Node.JS – Back End Developer (Bucharest, Romania)

Locations: Bucharest, Romania - Hybrid/Remote

Type: Fulltime Employee (No freelancer/PFA)

Client: Logistics Group

Visa sponsorship: Not available. Please apply only if you are legally eligible to work in Romania.

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IdealStaffs Consulting is looking for a Node.JS - Back End Developer to join our client's growing team.

Our client is one of the largest logistics groups in the country. The group has warehouses in Romania, Serbia and Hungary, automotive industry (in Romania and in Germany), and now they want to expand the ecommerce segment as well. They are also a technology company, because they build their own ecommerce platform and all the software that they needed.


Node.JS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Beanstalk, AMQP, Queue, Kafka, Pub/Sub, Redis, Memcached, ElasticSearch, Docker, CI/CD, Scrum, ERP, Ecommerce

Main Responsabilities

  • Take part in the architectural design and implementation of several high availability, scalable and performance driven services with security in mind.

  • Continuously improve your knowledge and the services handled by the team as a result.

  • Review code and provide constructive feedback, write tests and collaborate with team members to ensure high quality products.

  • Proactive attitude in PoC delivery and researching emerging technologies.

Main Requirements

  • Desired stack: : NodeJS, MySQL or PostgreSQL

  • Experience developing REST APIs.

  • Understanding of relational databases and SQL

  • Understanding concurrent programming, common data structures, composition

  • Knowledge of common security risks and mitigation techniques

  • Version control systems and multiple environments

  • Basic Linux knowledge

  • Analytical thinking

Nice to have

  • Experience developing ERP Modules or eCommerce tools and microservices oriented architecture

  • Experience with message queue systems (RabbitMQ, Beanstalk, Kafka)

  • Familiarity with in-memory data stores (Redis, Memcached)

  • Benchmarking, load and stress testing

  • Experience with CI / CD procedures and tools

  • Database management tools (Percona toolkit)

  • Monitoring and logging (Grafana, ELK, Graphite, statsd, NewRelic, Sentry)

  • Server management, cloud DevOps (preferably Google)

  • Understanding Agile development with Scrum and Kanban

What we offer:

  • Central location: Nearby University subway station,

  • Work at the Office & remote

  • Involvement in the development of new software applications concepts, 100% realized in Romania.

  • It starts from scratch, the team decides the functionality of the platform, how the code will be written, how the components interact, the data format, and the processing flow. There are no restrictions on existing functionalities, previous architectures, data in outdated formats, everything is new, modern

  • You benefit from the collaboration with a team of software architects and highly experienced managers, who have gone through all the positions related to software development in their careers and understand the needs and dynamics of the technical teams.

  • The career development plan, which includes continuous personal development through courses.

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