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Event Communications & Design (REMOTE)

Client: United Nations

Location: Valencia, Spain, Brindisi Italy or Remote

Estimated Start Date: ASAP

Position: Consultant via IdealStaffs

End of Application: 9th of April 2021

To apply for this position, please send your updated resume to office@idealstaffs.com

and reference the job title that you are applying to.


Our client delivers leading-edge remote and hybrid event platforms that extend the neutrality of UN soil into the digital environment. Through the employment of world-class technologies, they ensure that event organizers, participants and delegates alike are supported throughout the event journey from the initial planning of small and large-scale events through to post-event activities.

We have launched this role in order to select one candidate for the development and delivery of world-class virtual events across the entire event lifecycle for events ranging from 5-10 people to 100,000.

Not only do they provide general support to large numbers of attendees, but concierge services to delegates and senior dignitaries in accordance with UN protocols.

Required Profile:

We are seeking to augment our efforts in supporting remote and hybrid events.

  • Event communications

  • Creative event services such as graphic design, video production and presentation composition

Scope of Work / Duties of Consultant:

Remote Event Communications roles will be under the direct supervision of the head of the service and will support all aspects of the preparation of the events in close collaboration with event coordinators. The overall duties and responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Execute the communications plan for each event to ensure that communications are targeted, timely, relevant, and impactful;

  • Craft content according the audience;

  • Ensure that all post-event documentation is collected, stored and distributed (eg chat logs, attendance lists and recordings)

  • Create engaging materials/media, including text, audio, and video outputs according to the relevant and appropriate medium;

  • Draft, consolidate and format event materials such as guides, presentations, flyers, videos etc;

  • Stay abreast of new design and communications trends and deliver creative and innovative ideas for layout and design of informative materials

  • Evaluate and reshape existing materials and tools for changing needs

  • Test participants setup, interpretation, materials (presentations, videos), moderation and troubleshooting

  • Verify with the business the participant’s list and send any missing invitation

  • Verify that participants, host team and ICC team involved received invitations

  • Train event moderators and participants when required in UN event etiquette and protocols

  • Provide guidance and training to interpreters if and when required

  • Perform event related tasks, such as conference bridge scheduling, data input, answering event audience member inquiries

  • Obtain the agenda and other documents that must be made available to all participants and interpreters (if they have been hired with the platform)

  • Assist with any communications related issues in live chat support during live events

  • Test participants setup, interpretation, materials (presentations, videos), moderation and troubleshooting

  • Perform webinar and virtual event related activities as necessary

  • Support VIP or Executive participants with preparation

  • Provide remote event support as needed in areas of logistics and coordination. Tasks include but are not limited to providing live chat during events, supporting 24/7 technical support environments, running webinars and virtual event activities, etc.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree

  • Fluent level of English language (both oral and written)

  • Experience in corporate and event communications

  • Ability to work with senior stakeholders and executives

  • Proficient in IT;

  • Proficient design skills, especially with design and photo-editing software, multimedia, or visual arts

  • Excellent knowledge of design approaches, tools, and methodologies essential to develop creative designs and produce high-quality graphic materials

  • Experience in event management and delivery

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

  • Strong problem solving, priority setting, and collaboration skills

  • Exceptional organizational skills

  • Ability to work under pressure and to work independently as well as in a team.

Other desirable skills and experience:

  • Knowledge of another UN language (Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, and/or Russian)

  • Experience in organizing conferences in the UN environment or alternatively, within international organizations or the public sector

  • Project management

  • Experience in the use of remote conferencing, simultaneous interpretation conferencing platforms, and/or video communication platforms (Teams, Zoom, WebEx, Interprefy, Kudo, etc)

  • Managing large-scale and/or hybrid events

On-call may be required on an exceptional basis.

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