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Data Scientist (REMOTE)

Role: Consultant

Client: United Nations organization via IdealStaffs Consulting

Contract type: Freelancer / Self-Employed / B2B only

Remote: Yes in CET /GMT time zone

Start date: ASAP

To apply for this position, please send your resume at and mention the job title that you are applying for.


  • Communicating in a credible and effective way: Expresses oneself clearly in conversations and interactions with others; listens actively. Produces effective written communications. Ensures that information is shared.

  • Knowing and managing yourself: Manages ambiguity and pressure in a self reflective way. Uses criticism as a development opportunity. Seeks opportunities for continuous learning and professional growth.

  • Producing results: Produces and delivers quality results. Is action oriented and committed to achieving outcomes.

  • Moving forward in a changing environment: Is open to and proposes new approaches and ideas. Adapts and responds positively to change.


The Data Science Specialist is primarily responsible for supporting the design and monitoring of the platform features by designing and implementing data

products such as data mining pipelines, clustering models and reproducible analyses, centered on customer data.

  • Provide time sensitive analyses on various customer and business questions.

  • Perform data mining to establish potential relationships between multiple datasets.

  • Perform clustering and classification analysis on large datasets.

  • Identify and address privacy and confidentiality concerns. Collaborate with the establishment of data-handling practices to ensure the Organization’s information security guidelines are followed.

  • Prepare reproducible analyses using data science notebooks.

  • Use multiple statistical and machine learning methods to build and derive value from customer graphs.

  • Establish model drift monitoring strategies.

  • Prepare concise data reports and present information using visualization techniques to management and stakeholders.

  • Identify and communicate how structured and unstructured data can be used to enrich datasets and increase knowledge about the customer.

  • Define relevant features for data modelling and collaborate with the project team in their implementation.

  • Collaborate with business areas to improve adoption of data science-based insights into their decision-making process.

  • Assist the project team to define and implement suitable tools and processes to operationalize data models.


  • A minimum of five (5) years of progressively responsible experience in data science, data analytics, applied mathematics, information management or related area

  • Software development languages and tools: Python, R, SQL, Tableau, Visio, Neo4J, Neptune, Athena, Glue, Spark

  • Experience working with self-service analytic applications like Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik and others for data discovery is desirable.


  • Expert knowledge and experience developing data products in Python or R. · Expert knowledge of clustering and classification models and strategies. · Expert knowledge of graph databases and graph theory.

  • Knowledge of Entity Resolution tools and techniques.

  • Knowledge of Natural Language Processing tools and techniques.

  • Expert knowledge and experience with data visualization tools and methods.

  • Expert knowledge and experience of data engineering tools and methods.

  • Knowledge of AWS data architecture (Data Lakes, Athena, Glue).

  • Knowledge of UX/CX concepts.

  • Knowledge of provisioning of data APIs.

  • Knowledge of machine learning and predictive modeling.

  • Confident communicator and team player, with an advance level of written and spoken English.


  • Relevant industry certifications

  • ITIL and Prince2 awareness

To apply for this position, please send your resume at and mention the job title that you are applying for.

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